Mobile Software Consultants

What we do

Since 2014, has supported mobile applications for dozens of clients. Our rates are affordable and the work is guaranteed.

iPhone, iPad, & Android phones. We fix and update apps written in Objective-C, Swift, Java, and Ionic 1.

Compliance & Security. Stay in compliance of HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, or COPPA. We shield our clients (and their users) from malevolent internet activity by following security best practices and set legal standards.

Connected Apps. Bring your app online. We offer full stack development experience from the database to the cloud. Consult with us on scalability challenges. Our technology toolkit includes AWS, Node-js, PHP, .Net, and MySQL.

Agile development. Iterate quickly with clear communication and regular releases. Let us help you keep your project organized and your code clean. Our standard practices is to write unit tests, track work through Trello, and source control with Bitbucket.

Ethereum and Bitcoin. Need support for a smart contract or hard Fork? Work with us to bring the blockchain revolution to mobile customers. Experience with web3.js and SPV wallets is available.

Who we are

Lee Irvine


A Computer Science graduate and software development veteran. Lee takes a wholistic, full-stack, approach to mobile app development.

Kesba Irvine


Kesba has a background in Digital Media and Product Development. She provides balance by prioritizing clear communication and business best practices.

Work with us

MVP building, updating or fixing an existing apps, or in need of consulting advice?